Our specific work

Envard Technologies RFID solutions offer a wide range of RFID solutions; from strategic development to implementation and from site survey to the delivery of the right RFID chips. Operating internationally and offering you a standard solution or a customized solution. Together with you, we provide an overview of the possibilities that RFID offers and the savings it can offer. Our goal is to realize your ideal, tailor-made RFID solution.

Our Outlines of RFID Solutions

Step 1: Envard Technologies RFID solutions is specialized in realizing specific tag solutions for a variation of solutions and customers.
Step 2: Envard Technologies RFID solutions is able to design and distribute labels to meet specific requirements.
Step 3: some OF standard products within our portfolio which are already in use by several customers.
Step 4: Better performance in every orientation

What do you get?

Envard Technologies RFID solutions aspires to achieve clear and successful goals for our clients. Faster aggregations, safer systems, more transparence and lower expenses through a wide range of RFID applications in various markets.

We guarantee improvement of your processes and an efficient and flexible business. The result is more profit and a better position in the market.