Our specific work

Software Quality Control(SQC) is a set of activities for ensuring quality in software products. Software Quality Control is limited to the Review/Testing phases of the Software Development Life Cycle and the goal is to ensure that the products meet specifications/requirements.

Testing techniques

Step 1: Requirement Review
Step 2: Design Review
Step 3: Deployment Plan Review
Step 4: Code Review
Step 5: Deployment Plan Review
Step 6: Test Plan Review
Step 7: Test Cases Review
Step 8: Unit Testing
Step 9: Integration Testing
Step 10: Acceptance Testing

  • Testing techniques
  • Unit testing.
  • Functional testing.
  • Integration testing.
  • System testing.
  • Acceptance testing.
  • Beta testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Regression testing.
  • Volume testing
  • Recovery testing.
  • Usability testing.
  • Stress testing.
  • Load testing.
  • Installation testing.

What you got ?

We may be assured of attaining maximum quality as it directly works on the software product to remove any defects or bugs that may occur in the software product, even after the implementation of SQA.